The Pros and Cons of Using an Air Seeder

Air seeders use compressed air to send seeds from a metering device through plastic hoses and into the soil at a consistent rate. Is this the right solution for your planting operations? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using such a system.

The pros

Firstly, air seeders can cover a very large area. The seeders are usually very wide and can cover a lot of ground in a single pass without needing to be refilled. This can save a lot of time as well as fuel and running costs. Exactly how much ground you can cover depends on the size of the seeder, so make sure you think about your needs before deciding.

Air seeders will also deliver the seeds to the exact place required. There will not be any risk that they will be spread about by the wind, as the compressed air will push them into the ground at the desired spot. This kind of seeder can also deliver fertiliser in the desired quantities as well as seeds. This is another time-saving feature which will allow for successful planting

It is also worth bearing mind that an air seeder will probably not need as much maintenance as other types of planting devices. As the seeder works with compressed air, it has fewer moving parts and so there is less to go wrong.

The cons

On the downside, an air seeder is not ideal for all types of seeds. They are not as successful with larger seeds and work best with small round seeds, so you need to consider what you are planting before purchase.

Some air seeders also have a problem with lines becoming blocked by the seeds. This will require a pause in operations while they are unclogged, and can result in seeds not being sown if the blockage is not noticed. However, models are available with sensors that should alert the operator to a blockage as soon as it occurs.

Finally, the size of an air seeder may itself be a problem, as they tend to be bigger than other types of seeders. There may be issues with transporting it to and from the field.

Provided they are suited to the type of seeds you are planting, an air seeder can be a fast and reliable method of covering a large area. Just ask your equipment supplier if you have any further questions. 

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