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The livestock industry is one of the largest industries in Australia. If you are a livestock farmer, whether you keep cows, chicken, pigs, goats, horses or sheep, you have to worry about what the livestock is going to eat constantly. Stockfeed is a recurring expenditure that you will have to handle all the time and will cost you a lot of money. However, the type and quality of feed that you give your livestock will have a direct impact on the productivity of your farm.

A quality feed will ensure that the growth rate of your animals is fast (or at a pace that it ought to be), and that the produce, whether dairy or meat or poultry, will be of high quality. Therefore, aside from budgeting for this expenditure, it is equally important to find a reliable supplier. The dilemma becomes whether to buy the feed directly from the source such as a stockfeed manufacturing company or a farm, or whether to use an intermediary such as a merchant or a stockfeed distribution company. This article will give you reasons why the latter option is more plausible compared to the former option.

Reliable delivery

Having pointed above the main advantages of feeding your livestock quality products, you may be in a position to know that the absence of feed will yield opposite results. Therefore, it is important to be sure that feed will be available when on demand. When you rely on getting your produce directly from the source, you may be at a loss if they cannot deliver your order. On the other hand, an intermediary will have multiple sources that they deal with so that they will make sure they scour all the sources until they find your order.

Quality pricing

Stockfeed is expensive as it is; therefore, you want to make sure that you cut down on costs as much as possible. Stockfeed distributors will have vast market knowledge and know market trends. Therefore, unscrupulous producers and farmers cannot dupe them. They will buy the products at a quality price and extend the gesture to you. However, when you purchase the products, you lack the market knowledge and may fall prey to unscrupulous farmers and producers.

You are shielded from the risks involved with the supply chain

Buying products directly from the source is not a smooth sailing activity. For instance, transporting the products to your premise might be tricky as you may lack the necessary facilities. Moreover, if the source does not have the product, you will be stuck. However, when you use a distributor, these problems are the distributor's, not yours.

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