Which Fencing Supplies Do You Need?

Fencing supplies include welded wire mesh, chain wire mesh, lattice fencing, pipe clamps and steel pipe posts. The supplies you need will depend on a number of factors, and the types of fences available vary between suppliers. Some fencing suppliers will also offer gardening supplies, which may be relevant to your fencing project.

Chain wire fencing

Chain wire fencing is widely available and can be used for both residential and commercial areas. Chain wire fencing can be made from a PVC-coated steel or galvanised steel. Zinc is applied to steel to create galvanised steel. Galvanised steel prevents damage from water. PVC-coated steel, although less widely used, can also prevent rust. 

Lattice fencing

Lattice fencing is generally made from timber. It is typically used in residential areas and offers a decorative effect for your garden. Lattice fencing is available in a range of styles.

Welded mesh fencing

Welded mesh fencing can be used in various areas, but it is generally used to provide security for buildings such as schools, airports and prisons. Welded mesh fencing typically consists of galvanised steel. However, welded mesh fencing is generally stronger than chain wire fencing due to its design.


Posts are used to hold fencing. This can include pipe posts. There are varying degrees of grades for pipe posts according to the weight of the pipe. Medium quality posts are suitable for long-term use in secure areas. Medium light posts are suitable for medium- to long-term use, typically to surround commercial areas. Medium extra light posts are designed for short-term use for residential, commercial and industrial areas. Posts also vary as to which part of a fence they can support. This includes intermediate posts, corner posts and end posts.

Intermediate fence posts are used at regular intervals to support fencing. Corner posts are used in corners or for when the fence changes direction. Corner posts require the use of a strut, stay or rail to be secure. End posts are used as the concluding part of the fence. A strut, stay or rail is also necessary to support end posts.

Fencing clamps

Clamps are used to keep temporary fencing secure. Clamps should meet standards set out for temporary fencing. Temporary fencing may be used to restrict access to areas over a short period, such as when construction is being carried out. There are a number of clamp designs available. Galvanised clamps offer resistance to effects from water, and they can hold a great degree of pressure.

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